Thursday, February 28, 2013

::hipHop - hip hop.... hip - hoppopatamus?

Ok finally moved on with this one, copied her and played around with her skin colors for a bit.

End result:

- Peeks! -

Original here:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

::2nd upDate on hipHop girl

Not many changes, worked on a small freelance project today for the most part.  I fixed her eye, jaw, stretched her neck; and rendered her nose & lips to keep it her lookin' sexay.

- sexay womans! -
Not sure if at this point I will consider her finished with her bust, just like in the original photograph of her in her tumblr website, or actually scale her down and paint the rest of her body myself.  I am sure I can pull off a pose.  We will see, if time permits.

Friday, February 22, 2013

::in the happenning - hipHop girl

Super beautiful Nigerian model who goes by the name of "Peeks".
She puuurty.  :P
Just thought I would copy her bio profile picture from
Her picture is in her homePage:

And this is my progress thus far...

- no Arm -

- with reference -

look so far
- overall look -

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

::zBrush quick Sketch #001

Hello everyone, just thought I would end the night with a quick rough 3d sketch of an alien looking head.
Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

::2nd Post

This is another painting study I did.  Copied this one off of an image on Google.  The image consisted of a female professional dancer wearing the same dress, and doing the same pose with "dirty" blond hair.
I do not remember where I placed the original image, or remember the url for that matter either, anyways here you go.

- flamenco/paso Doble dancer -
Additional Note*
This was a study for another specific piece I did for a close friend of mine, glad this person liked it!  Was stoked to be asked to do another one for the client's relative.

Friday, February 1, 2013

::Brutal Greetings & Salutations world!

Hello world!
First post here for my new art blog.  This first piece is a general look and feel of what I am going for with the current 3D city project I am working on.  It originally was HAWKEN Adhesive Games inspired.  But I took it to a slight different level.  It looks more cosmopolitan in some ways, with a bit more Korean architecture basis.
- tower-block city -

Then the second piece I am posting on here is a study.  I copied the woman (from pose to colors) and the blanket she sits on from a professional photograph.  Just playing around with my style see what feel I can obtain.  Not too sure if I am happy with it, I know I need more work generally speaking.
digital painting of a random female model's back, photosop
- bringin' sexy back -
The image I copied this from is from an online gallery I am a member of -  The photographer's name is unnamed in the site, and the person who runs the online site is Chris Legaspi.  Thanks to their work, I am able to keep working and hone in on my skills.  :P