Friday, February 1, 2013

::Brutal Greetings & Salutations world!

Hello world!
First post here for my new art blog.  This first piece is a general look and feel of what I am going for with the current 3D city project I am working on.  It originally was HAWKEN Adhesive Games inspired.  But I took it to a slight different level.  It looks more cosmopolitan in some ways, with a bit more Korean architecture basis.
- tower-block city -

Then the second piece I am posting on here is a study.  I copied the woman (from pose to colors) and the blanket she sits on from a professional photograph.  Just playing around with my style see what feel I can obtain.  Not too sure if I am happy with it, I know I need more work generally speaking.
digital painting of a random female model's back, photosop
- bringin' sexy back -
The image I copied this from is from an online gallery I am a member of -  The photographer's name is unnamed in the site, and the person who runs the online site is Chris Legaspi.  Thanks to their work, I am able to keep working and hone in on my skills.  :P