Sunday, October 27, 2013

:: thirty-One days of DRAW!!! upDate 'til Day-26 | October 2013

Update!  Finally caught up!
- for pinUp #013

- Day 21 | from my Reference pinUp #009 -

- Day 22 | from my Reference pinUp #010 -

- Day 23 | from my Reference pinUp #011 -

- Day 24 | from my Reference pinUp #012 -

- Day 25 | from my Reference pinUp #013 -

- Day 26 | 2nd Attempt | photoGrapher ref. pinUp #013 -

Monday, October 21, 2013

:: thirty-One days of DRAW!!! upDate 'til Day-18 | October 2013

Must keep drawing, must keep drawing, must keep drawing!!!!
Still need more catching up!!!

- pinUp woman #005 -

- pinUp #006 meh -

- pinUp #007 2nd attempt, more better -

- 1st attempt -

- ugly little thing :P -

- some what getting used to digs -

- doggeh & butterFly make friends -

- backSide with COPIC markers -

- fuck Yeah Shiba Inu! -

- backSide of Shiba Inu -

- love <3 -

Sunday, October 20, 2013

:: "Dancin' Rose" Finally finished!!!

Finally got around to finishing this one.  Will use this as a separate texture for a 3D model, instead, will just have it posting here.  So far this is as good as I am right now with rendering and understanding the female anatomy.  I need to do more!
Really happy with the way it turned out.  Now I need to work on another awesome person.  :D
- Dancin' Rose pinUp -

Monday, October 14, 2013

:: thirty-One days of DRAW!!! upDate 'til Day-10 | October 2013

Yes! I let myself down, I been a bit behind.  Just trying to catch up at this point!  Let the speed drawing keep on going!!!!
So here are updates from previous days, I am still finishing the other ones, and will not scan them in just yet.

Here you go, enjoy!!!!

- chrisitna Hendricks -

- pinUp #001 -

- pinUp #002 -

- pinUp #003 -

- pinUp #004 -

Monday, October 7, 2013

:: pulse Check upDate! Working with the 3DaGoGo team

Started this one, and whipped him out today in zBrush, just under an hour.
Getting quicker with zBrush, I love it!!!!
This little guy is going to be printed as a seasonal treat for the 3DaGoGo start up team.
I will post him in their website, and put the STL file for sale.  Hope you guys enjoy, it will be ready to be 3D printed.  Thats how their website works.  :P

Link of some of my previous work with them, which is either for free, or on sale:

paxxMa Designs on

- benito "Benny" Flavio -

Sunday, October 6, 2013

:: thirty-One days of DRAW!!! Day-05 | October 2013

Here is another upDate, lagging on my scans, but I am being honest with my drawings.  That is what matters here.  This is one I took a while on, she actually took me about 45 minutes.  I spent a good time chatting it up with a couple of friends whom I have not seen in a while when working on this.  Happy with the way it came out, copied it from a favorite artist of mine right now who posted on not too long ago.

The link to the image is here:

- pinUp babe #001 | a.ehrenborg from thread -

:: thirty-One days of DRAW!!! Day-04 | October 2013

Not a good day for Day-04, I did a couple of speed sketches, some of whom did not make me happy, this was the best one I could do for the night.  I made a quick drawing of one of my favorite actresses (Sofia Vergara), and sadly did not do her any justice.
No worries though, I will come back to her, I will do it justice.  Oh yes, I will....

Yup, in this drawing, I did not do justice to her shading, paper, and my efforts were a disgrace, but it is ok, I was mainly concentrating on speed here, took me 23 minutes on this one.  So yes, must keep drawing, must keep drawing, must keep pushing!!!

- sofia Vergara # 01 -

Friday, October 4, 2013

:: thirty days of drawAge! Day-03

Ok, so....
Here is the 3rd post, for the 3rd day, must keep drawing must keep drawing, must keep DRAWING!!!!
I could not find a decent angle or a good interesting person to draw at the coffee shop I frequent, so what I did was improvise by finding a picture on the interWoogie.  :P
So this is what I found... I drew off of a self photograph of a professional photographer whom I follow on Google Plus.  He goes by the name of Ivan Makarov, he has astonishing work, and it is very inspirational for me.  
I hope this link works:

There you should see the photo I copied it from.  Hope he does not get offended either lol.

So basically what I see here, I notice that I STILL need to loosen up!  Seriously, this one took me 25 minutes to complete.  I know if I loosen up and relax with this technique I will be able to produce these sketches quicker.

- Ivan Makarov -

:: thirty days of drawAge! Day-02

Here is the second round, I apologize for the late submission, I am about 26 hours behind on posting for Day 02's post, and 2 hours behind on posting for Day 03's lol.
Not a good start, but the drawings were done before those days were over though, just not the scanning jijiji.
So this is a drawing of my friend Michael Linman, he is a cool guy, super experienced artist, and has traveled around the world while int he military for the most part.  He knows a lot about a lot I would say.  
So basically, I see I am making very little progress here, I still need to loosen up, so on the second drawing I attempted to draw him a bit more bigger.  Still not satisfied though...

- Michael Linman | 1st Attempt -

- Michael Linman | 2nd Attempt -

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

:: thirty days of drawAge! Day-01

Good evening all, this is an attempt to cover a couple of sketches a day, for all of October.  I am to draw whatever I would like, or whatever I come up with, or whatever someone tells me to draw.  :P
Enjoy, this is Day-01
- cute coffeeShop nerdy Asian girl -

Jeje she caught me drawing her, gave me the funny look.  Anyways, the way I begin this is by drawing the simple shapes that will fit inside the rectangle thumbnail you may slightly see there to fit in the composition and the form.
Then from there I get a darker pencil and begin shading in the darks to add form and value, at the same time I leave the light areas (tint) completely blank.
Then I grab a W3 Copic marker and spread the dark penciled areas to add mid-tones and form them in.
After that, I wait for the marker to dry on the 50% gray toned paper (which is thick, and smooth - it lends itself nicely to these media I am using), and begin adding tints (light) areas with a white color pencil to accentuate the lighting.  Ultimately giving her a nicer smoother shading look.  Some :homie" walked by and asked me to tattoo this on his arm. LOL