Tuesday, October 1, 2013

:: thirty days of drawAge! Day-01

Good evening all, this is an attempt to cover a couple of sketches a day, for all of October.  I am to draw whatever I would like, or whatever I come up with, or whatever someone tells me to draw.  :P
Enjoy, this is Day-01
- cute coffeeShop nerdy Asian girl -

Jeje she caught me drawing her, gave me the funny look.  Anyways, the way I begin this is by drawing the simple shapes that will fit inside the rectangle thumbnail you may slightly see there to fit in the composition and the form.
Then from there I get a darker pencil and begin shading in the darks to add form and value, at the same time I leave the light areas (tint) completely blank.
Then I grab a W3 Copic marker and spread the dark penciled areas to add mid-tones and form them in.
After that, I wait for the marker to dry on the 50% gray toned paper (which is thick, and smooth - it lends itself nicely to these media I am using), and begin adding tints (light) areas with a white color pencil to accentuate the lighting.  Ultimately giving her a nicer smoother shading look.  Some :homie" walked by and asked me to tattoo this on his arm. LOL