Friday, October 4, 2013

:: thirty days of drawAge! Day-02

Here is the second round, I apologize for the late submission, I am about 26 hours behind on posting for Day 02's post, and 2 hours behind on posting for Day 03's lol.
Not a good start, but the drawings were done before those days were over though, just not the scanning jijiji.
So this is a drawing of my friend Michael Linman, he is a cool guy, super experienced artist, and has traveled around the world while int he military for the most part.  He knows a lot about a lot I would say.  
So basically, I see I am making very little progress here, I still need to loosen up, so on the second drawing I attempted to draw him a bit more bigger.  Still not satisfied though...

- Michael Linman | 1st Attempt -

- Michael Linman | 2nd Attempt -