Friday, October 4, 2013

:: thirty days of drawAge! Day-03

Ok, so....
Here is the 3rd post, for the 3rd day, must keep drawing must keep drawing, must keep DRAWING!!!!
I could not find a decent angle or a good interesting person to draw at the coffee shop I frequent, so what I did was improvise by finding a picture on the interWoogie.  :P
So this is what I found... I drew off of a self photograph of a professional photographer whom I follow on Google Plus.  He goes by the name of Ivan Makarov, he has astonishing work, and it is very inspirational for me.  
I hope this link works:

There you should see the photo I copied it from.  Hope he does not get offended either lol.

So basically what I see here, I notice that I STILL need to loosen up!  Seriously, this one took me 25 minutes to complete.  I know if I loosen up and relax with this technique I will be able to produce these sketches quicker.

- Ivan Makarov -