Sunday, October 6, 2013

:: thirty-One days of DRAW!!! Day-04 | October 2013

Not a good day for Day-04, I did a couple of speed sketches, some of whom did not make me happy, this was the best one I could do for the night.  I made a quick drawing of one of my favorite actresses (Sofia Vergara), and sadly did not do her any justice.
No worries though, I will come back to her, I will do it justice.  Oh yes, I will....

Yup, in this drawing, I did not do justice to her shading, paper, and my efforts were a disgrace, but it is ok, I was mainly concentrating on speed here, took me 23 minutes on this one.  So yes, must keep drawing, must keep drawing, must keep pushing!!!

- sofia Vergara # 01 -