Sunday, December 29, 2013

:: dance Couple digital Painting | WiP 01

Digital painting practice, this one will not be a speed painting or a spit paint, this MIGHT be for a client.  Not too sure, I hope he likes.
Here are my progress and reference images pasted in the same PSD file.

- dancing Couple line roughOut -

- fixing the slight changes to the proportions and lighting -

Info on the reference pictures:

- female anatomy images 'nabbed from Chris Legaspi's website.
- top right photograph of the two dance couples - to be honest I do not remember where I obtained it from, I think from someone on FaceBook.
- As you guys can see though, the poses are copied straight from that photograph, and the lighting too.
- My goal is to change the woman's hair, and dress, and the same for the guy. maybe give him a a slightly different body too, if I can help it.